In this case, your greatest risk for injury might be coming from thinking everything is going to injure you.

The culture of fitness comes with its extremes, and the “push it to the limit all day, every day” mentality and its cult following are slowly being pushed to the back seat in favor of a slightly more balanced, and all-inclusive approach to training – at least in the mainstream.  I’m for this.

This is a service industry. But your accountability doesn't end the second you hand over some dough.

There’s an abundance of articles written by trainers, and partially for trainers, detailing all the particulars that a prudent consumer would be wise to acknowledge when looking for a good coach. The thing that most of us forget to address, however, is the fact that this is indeed a two way street, and we’re often stuck making a living, either as part of a volume-pushing, overworking and underpaying arrangement that uses its feeder system as leverage until a trainer decides to leave, or a massive hustle game that basically never ends.

Your body is your business card… But maximizing your impact shouldn't mean minimizing your attire.

Your body is your business card… But maximizing your impact shouldn’t mean minimizing your attire.