I don't care if it's more "fun". Health is health.

In a world where everyone has a public platform to speak their mind – regardless of whether they should – it seems we’ve fallen into a pigeonhole of simultaneously being proponents of free speech, and taking offence to it.

And my top 12 movies of the year.

This is year 7 .

That’s how many years in a row I’ve done this particular blog article, and I don’t plan to stop anytime soon.  Not only is it a neat summation of the year, but it also helps me gather my thoughts and look back on the most important lessons that occurred to me over that time period.  It also must count for something that in 7 years, there have been no repeats.

Sometimes, the only right answer is hard work. The uncomfortable type.

The industry I grew up developing a passion for was one that went hand in hand with my current hobbies – sports, exercise, fun, and a touch of competition, while looking good to boot. I wanted to work with sports athletes if I didn’t become one myself. Of course, in the early 2000’s, my perspective was a bit different.

Anyone can become an "influencer", but every influence ain't positive.

The climate of one-upmanship and strength-in-numbers has dominated social media, and if you’re smart, you probably see it too.

For me, it took one addition – an Instagram account created about 8 weeks ago – to see just how crazy it’s gotten online, and ultimately strengthen my resolve to avoid resorting to the same methods for viewership and readership.