And my top 12 movies of the year.

It’s that time of year again. Many coaches usually use a year-end blog to summarize some of the best work they’ve seen on the internet, or say what they have planned as goals for the coming year.  Each year (starting in 2011), I make it a point to amass some nuggets of wisdom I either learned or reinforced over the course of the year, and compile it all into one article.  But first, let’s take a look at the highlights for the year.

We can act like getting in great shape is a quick and fun fix, but we know we're fooling ourselves.

Because of my job, when I think of the word “fitness”, it may take on a bit more specific a meaning than it would to the average Joe.  The masses often think about fitness as a gateway to health, physical activity and maybe even eating well to support it.

Being fit should give you perspective on reality and balance. Not make you lose sight of it.

As always, society finds a way to make an example of the hard time it has demonstrating modesty or balance. I’m not about to act like I’ve got the answers, but for a fitness professional, it brings up some alarming observations worth discussion.