Do heels elevated squats deserve the bad rap they're often given?

Often times, intelligent trainers and coaches get into the habit of not giving every exercise the benefit of the doubt.  Good knowledge of the body and muscular system, combined with an understanding of what’s “functional” in the weight room can influence an exclusionary approach to exercise variations or ideas. You’ve heard me talk about blanket

Some of the hot supplements you're taking may be giving you expensive urine, and not much else.

I’m proud to introduce to my blog for a guest post that reveals some important and timely reminders about supplentation. I’m a big fan of the research work over at, as it’s really had an impact on currently practiced diet and exercise regimes. Be sure to check out their website for more fantastic

Getting knowledge, and knowing YOUR body is a hidden gem to seeing results in the gym.

You’ll hear it from the best bodybuilders in the game, and I couldn’t agree more. As you gain experience in the weight room, you’ll come to learn what “works” for you and what doesn’t in each of your training phases. Last year, I wrote a blog article highlighting the importance of asking questions whenever hearing

If you could do just ONE exercise, then THIS would be my recommendation... And it's probably not what you think.

In the 6th grade, my friends and I used to create these kinds of scenarios all the time: You know, the classic, if you had to choose between hypothetical option X or Y, for LIFE, what would you choose? Okay, clearly I wasn’t one of the cool kids. That goes without saying. With that said,

Two underrated, unappreciated exercises that deserve more love. Here's how to do 'em right.

 As the last 2 volumes of this series have pointed out, the primal moves are important. By extension, I’d like to add two more moves that are highly underrated, and often substituted for others. My last article was all about the bench press. This one’s going to start with what I consider a superior alternative

I consider it the most overrated of the big lifts. But if we're gonna do it, might as well do it right...

As mentioned in my last “How to Move” volume, the importance of learning the basic cues of the fundamental movements is very high indeed. Ensuring you have a foundation set in stone before loading up on the bar is more important than probably anything else you do in the world of fitness and strength training.