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Thinking about changing up your workout routine? Not sure if it's the right time? Read this article to learn when the best time to program hop is.

The training game has evolved by leaps and bounds over the years, but one thing has made for constant contention amongst its professionals…

The trx is a unique muscle building tool that is underutilized due to a lot of people not really knowing how to use it. Learn the basics with this article.

Whether your goal is conditioning, stability, or to have great finishers to your bodybuilding workouts, the TRX is a tool that many people forget about.

You've been told all your life to lift with perfect form - but what if cheat reps could lead to more muscle? They can - but you have to use them correctly.

The textbooks don’t lie. You’re severely risking injury if you don’t pay attention to good technique and form when moving weights.

Solidify your core strength and build sturdier obliques.

You probably guessed there was another one of these coming sometime in February.

If you remember from my last article on the subject, I had only scratched the surface with advanced planks and had left out key muscle groups like the obliques.