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Make sure you make gainz throughout your whole lifetime by following these 4 golden rules to gym-longevity. Spoiler alert: you're probably not doing them.

The thing about most articles on the internet that have to do with lifting weights and training hard: They have one goal in mind – always gaining, and never maintaining.

8 rules for recovering from injury hell

It happened in the spring of 2017. I was playing basketball in a brand new pair of shoes, on a concrete court, for the first time in months, after a rushed warm-up. It was almost inevitable that I’d get injured, and fate delivered to the tune of a bilateral patellar tendon full rupture.

Online “influencers” are giving terrible fitness advice and normalizing dangerous extremes. If you help promote them, you’re part of the problem.

Ask any trainer about the problems in our industry, and you’ll get a litany of dysfunctions: fitness education, social media, body-image issues, professionalism, misinformation about nutrition and supplementation …

Squat depth is one of the most controversial and debated topics in the realm of weight lifting. Learn what factors might affect your ability to squat.

Despite the fact that most people in the fitness community agree that squats are of quintessential importance in the weight room, there are many camps of thought when it comes to just how to perform them.