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Movements that spit in the face of logic

Exercises aren’t contraindicated – people are. That means it’s on us to choose the right exercises for the right body type, injury history, and goal. But there ARE a few commonly botched exercises that are inexcusable, and that transcends simply not having the right “build” for it.

My new article on stack for athletes sheds some real light on stretching.

Athletes of any sport would do well to remember that when it comes to preparing the body for activity, there are certain goals we must achieve, basically across the board.

It's easy to tell someone to practice the fundamentals, but what about when the fundamentals feel awkward and even painful? Here are five easy ways to put valuable moves back in your arsenal with no downside!

Build bigger, stronger pecs – starting now

There’s a time and place for everything and that includes using some instability training for the chest. Here’s the only rule about instability training: Make sure you do your stable movements first so that your chest is pre-fatigued before you hit it with something unstable.

Better moves for a bigger back

There comes a time when you’ve done rows and pull-ups to oblivion and reach a plateau in strength, muscular development, or both. That’s when it’s time to think outside the box. These hidden tricks can help you do just that.

Master these moves to pack muscle and size onto your glutes, quads, and hamstrings.

Most guys focus on training their upper bodies hard, attacking chest workouts, arm workouts, and ab sessions with fierce vigor. But here’s a secret: If you want all that superheroic torso training to be worthwhile, you’ve got to spend serious time building those wheels, too.

These are the moves that will build the upper-body strength and size you want

The fitness world has never been more overwhelming than it is now. From isolation exercises to full-body exercises to flows to exercises that help you perfect those other exercises, the moves at your disposal are as vast as ever.