Build bigger, stronger pecs – starting now

There’s a time and place for everything and that includes using some instability training for the chest. Here’s the only rule about instability training: Make sure you do your stable movements first so that your chest is pre-fatigued before you hit it with something unstable.

I’m back in print, this time with Inside Fitness Magazine. Get your copy and flip to page 146, for a two page feature called “Stretching: You’re Doing it Wrong”, written by none other. That’s my 13th print appearance for the year – a good place to close things out.

I have a 2 page article in the Holiday issue of TRAIN Magazine (page 46-47) called “Leverage your Strength”. Keeping the streak alive.

Catch me on page 48 of the november issue of muscle and fitness magazine. I’ve got a short one page article on core training. In stores now!

Better moves for a bigger back

There comes a time when you’ve done rows and pull-ups to oblivion and reach a plateau in strength, muscular development, or both. That’s when it’s time to think outside the box. These hidden tricks can help you do just that.