I have a 2 page article in the Holiday issue of TRAIN Magazine (page 46-47) called “Leverage your Strength”. Keeping the streak alive.

Pick up the October 2019 issue of TRAIN Magazine to find your boy on page 66-67 with my feature article, “The Long Haul”. If you know anything about me - you’ll know what it’s about. Get your Walmarts up.

I’m on page 50-51 of train magazine’s december issue, with a 2 page feature on squatting for tall lifters. get your copy in stores now!

The June issue of TRAIN contains my new article on the importance of neck training and head positioning during major lifts. Get it while you can!

Check out page 46-50 for my new feature in the October issue of TRAIN mag, called "Walk it Out".

The March 2015 Issue of TRAIN Magazine has my "Indoor Bootcamp" feature on pg. 44-45.

Be sure to pick up your copy of TRAIN this month, for my 3 page feature, "One Rep to Rule them All", (pg. 81-83).