I have a 7 page feature in the November/December issue of Oxygen Magazine, called "Minimalist Metabolic Conditioning", for a total body workout system in poorly equipped spaces (pg. 51-57) in stores now.

This one has some key movements you probably haven't used, and a workout to put things all together. Find your copy like Natalie Portman. (pg. 50-55)

Pick up the March/April issue of Oxygen to get the details on corrective exercises that work. My 6 page feature starts on page 58.

The June issue of Oxygen has 2 of my features in it, including full guides on how to warm up and squat variations that work for you. Pick it up in stores!

Page 62-67 of Oxygen Magazine's November issue has my feature article "Small Changes, Big Results" front and centre.

Check out the August issue of Oxygen Magazine for my first feature ever in this publication, called "Hack your Training" Pages 74-79.