Check out the November issue of Muscle & Performance for a science lesson on energy systems, and how they affect your workout. Be sure to get your copy!

Grab the August issue of Muscle & Performance to find 3 of my articles within, including my 5 page feature "Unassailable Ankles" that will keep your foot health intact and injury free (pg 53-57).

Flip to page 41 of the July issue of Muscle & Performance and you'll find my 5 page feature "Core Moves You've Never Tried". No crunches here!

Get your copy of the December issue of Muscle & Performance, for 3 features, including my largest print article yet.  My 10 page spread (starting pg 38) gives an 8 week program for size and strength.

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On page 46 of the October issue of Muscle & Performance, you can take in my feature article on mastering bodyweight staple exercises.  As a bonus, I'm in there again on page 26 with my small feature "Complexes for a Shredded Physique".

Grab the September issue of Muscle & Performance for my unconventional arms workout that doesn't rely on curls for the girls (page 52 - 57). Plus, catch me two more times in the same issue for strength and fat loss articles.