Get a hold of the January issue of Muscle & Fitness and flip to page 48, for my article all about the alternating Z Press. As a bonus, check out page 66 for another article on Tabata training. Get 'em while they're hot!

Check out the December issue of Muscle and Fitness magazine for my article on page 62 on the clapping pull up. Time to up the octane!

Pick up the November issue of Muscle and Fitness magazine for my article "Achieve Full Body Fatigue" about HIT methods (Page 56).

I'm back in Muscle & Fitness Magazine with a 2-pager dedicated to a sprinting form check (pg. 70-71). Get your copy and fix your technique!

Pick up the May issue of Muscle & Fitness magazine and flip to page 66 for my push up variation tutorial. If that's not enough, check out my 8 page feature "Build your V" on pages 140-147!

Pick up the April issue of Muscle & Fitness, for my full length feature on training variations for your anatomical differences (pg. 122-127).

Grab the March issue of Muscle & Fitness to see my awesome workout to attack your back like no tomorrow (page 64).