Lee Boyce - The Brutul Truth About Training


What the Industry Says


  "Lee is one of the bright young talents in the fitness industry today. I always learn something new from his articles, and I think he's one of those guys who'll do big things in his career."

Lou Schuler, award-winning journalist and author of The New Rules of Lifting - Allentown, PA


  "Whether you want to pack on muscle, increase your ability in your chosen sport, or finally fix some musculoskeletal ailment that’s been bugging you for years, Lee Boyce is your go-to guy."

TC Luoma, Editor-in-Chief, Testosterone Magazine - Colorado Springs, COL


  "Lee Boyce is what you want in a personal trainer - Extremely knowledgeable, precise and hands-on with technique. He brings a refreshing perspective to the world of exercise that is engaging and useful to everyone, no matter your level of fitness."

Johanna James, Producer, Sun News Network


 "Lee Boyce is a top-notch resource for innovative new muscle-building exercises, and for new ways to get bigger and stronger!"

Nick Tumminello, internationally recognized strength coach, fitness author, public speaker, and Owner of Performance University, FT Lauderdale, FLA

  "Not only have I worked with Lee for many years, referring to him for strength and conditioning and rehabilitation, I’ve seen him in action training his clients. Lee brings a unique combination of training expertise garnered from his athletic background as an elite sprinter with an insight into the mechanics of the human body rarely seen in today’s personal trainers. Keep your eye out for Lee Boyce in the world of training and athletic conditioning as he is truly one of the top trainers that I’ve had the pleasure of working with."

Dr. Alwyn Wong, DC, ART®, Acupuncture
Author of The Kick Acid Diet® - Toronto, CAN


 "I really like Lee. He's creative, has good insight, and is very eager to learn. I'm a fan of his due to his broad knowledge base, and I expect to see and read many more good things from him as time ensues."

 Bret Contreras, MA. Elite strength coach, professor of Biomechanics, and author of Advanced Techniques in Glutei Maximi Strengthening - Phoenix, AZ

  "There are plenty of coaches and trainers who talk the talk in this industry - but rarely do you ever come across one who actually walks the walk too. Lee Boyce is not only a great coach (and writer), but he's undoubtedly a stand-up individual who has an immense passion to help people, and he can probably smoke you in a foot race to boot! Again, he walks the walk, and that's what you want in a coach."

Tony Gentilcore, world - renowned strength coach and co-owner of Cressey Performance -Hudson, MA


What Clients Say

"Coming off serious back and shoulder injuries from improper lifting techniques, Lee constructed a system that stabilized my joints and most importantly balanced my hips in order to get full use out of my body on the football field, and in the weight room. I am now 100% recovered and ready for training camp, lifting much heavier than I ever had due to some simple corrections in my form and technique. I’m in the best shape of my life and owe it to the well designed training method that Lee put to use."

Alex O’Donnell, NCAA Division 1 football – Gannon University, Tight End


"I've trained with Lee at various parts of my training seasons for Varsity Track and Field, and have been pleased with the results. His workouts combined plyometrics, core training and resistance training, and his methodical approach led to workouts that complemented my technical training and that were harmonious with the phases of my training season. While training with Lee I was able to work through a longstanding plateau, jumped my personal best of 2.06m, placed 1st at the 2010 Ontario University Athletics Championships, and was able to clinch my second consecutive medal at the CIS Canadian Indoor Championships."

Jonathan Odumeru, 2-Time CIS Bronze Medalist, Track and Field - High Jump


“As a busy professional working 80+ hours per week, my lifestyle often frustrates my ability to train effectively to acheive the results I'm after. Over the past 2 years, Lee's advice and guidance has helped me to overcome some basic physiological imbalances and develop my core strength to levels I've never experienced before - even when working out more frequently or with other 'trainers'. 

I would strongly recommend that any individual looking for top-quality strength and conditioning advice speak with Lee about developing their own custom training strategies. Not only will you wind up using your time in the gym more efficiently, but you'll also enjoy yourself a whole lot more while you're there!"

Chris Polson, Executive Financial Analyst, Husband, and Dad

"Within a rounded training system, learning and refining the Olympic lifts with Lee gave me solid technique that helped me rebuild strength and increase my power after an injury and get back into the ring stronger than before."

Janesse Leung, 2009 Bronze Medallist, Championnat du Monde Savate (Combat), Serbia 


"After almost 10 years of working as a lawyer and experiencing a progressive decline in overall fitness, I started working with Lee. We worked with a general conditioning system of his design that helped me lose 34lbs and cut from 30 percent to 16 percent body fat. Then we transitioned to a focus on adding muscle and improving my max strength. I'm pleased with the progress so far, and highly recommend Lee to anyone who is attempting to get back into shape."

Shane Hardy, LLP

"Lee Boyce spoke to our 240 members about injury prevention and treatment. He was engaging and incredibly informative, detailing many practical methods to improve conditioning as well as deal with injuries. Many of our members have requested that we bring Lee back, or will be making arrangements to see him personally. He did a gerat job!"

Phil Lawn, Lead Official, Toronto Association of Basketball Officials

"I started training with Lee to improve upon my results within the Ontario Cup Circuit for mountain biking. Lee identified my areas of weakness and we worked through a periodized system in conjunction with my training as a cyclist to help me peak at the right part of the season. Thanks to Lee's strength training programme, I went from a top 5 spot to bringing home the gold medal for my category, and also claimed the number 1 title in the Canada Cup final in the process! I'd recommend Lee's training systems to any athletes who want to see a big jump in their performance."

Mike Mazza, National Cyclist


"Lee Boyce has jump started tremendous positive change respecting my physical strength, mobility and overall health. I need to offset long hours sitting at a desk with efficient workouts that stay specific to my needs. I recommend Lee's programming to not only the athlete population, but also to busy executives who need to stay sharp."

Bruce Boland, Executive Vice President, Ontario Power Generation

"I’ve had the privilege of knowing Lee for several years, from his years as a top tier athlete to now. He works hard to satisfy his clients and does it with a flare - it’s one of the reasons he’s making such a splash in the fitness scene. While competing in football at Georgetown University (Washington, D.C.), I could always count on Lee answering my training questions with timely and relevant training techniques that helped me excel on the gridiron. If you’re looking for a comprehensive training routine that goes beyond the cookie-cutter training routines and mediocre results, get a hold of Lee; you’ll be thanking yourself for it!"

Charles Houghton, NCAA Division 1 Football - Georgetown University, Running Back