Local Clients

If you’re based in the Greater Toronto Area, then it’s possible to work with me 1 on 1. You can do it if you’re outside the GTA also, as long as you’re up for a long commute to get to your training sessions. But that’s up to you.

Who should Train with Lee?

It’d probably be easier to tell you who shouldn’t…

  • People who aren’t willing to work hard.
  • People who are prepared to scrutinize and argue every training principle in  search of the “best method”.
  • People who don’t regard their lifestyle habits outside of their training to promote results.

If you’re still reading, good on you.

My training systems are generally quite simple, and equally as effective, which is why I continue to use them. Preliminary assessments of strengths, weaknesses and general exercise technique are followed by structured and focused workouts that make strides towards your goals.

My primary focus isn’t physique, and I don’t train competitors. I help clients perform better, get stronger, and ultimately improve their physiques as a result of proper training.

Remote Clients

I accept a select few remote coaching clients at a time to ensure quality. Generally, I don’t like to work with more than 3 to 4 online clients simultaneously, which is likely different from coaches who play the volume game, often for more reach and more profit.

What’s different about being a remote client?

Things begin with a detailed questionnaire analyzing your training habits and lifestyle, with the option to send ‘before’ photos also. After, I design a 6 week full scale training program that’s tailored to your goals. And yes, I write every program from scratch, myself. I don’t recycle other clients’ programs.

As a remote coaching client, you receive priority queue to your email questions or concerns, with a 24 hour guaranteed reply. On top of this, I’ll check in on you every week to see how things
are coming along.