Lee Boyce - The Brutul Truth About Training


Attack Your Weak Points (Part 1)

We all have them. The going trend is to either completely ignore them, or spend too much time addressing them. Here's a happy medium. 

Originally published in MUSCLEMAG.

The Complete Bodybuilder's Sprinting Guide

I know you don't want to become an Olympian - but I know you don't want to look like a plain fool or get injured when you run fast either. I've got just what you need. 

Originally published in Muscle & Fitness.

Bodybuilding Tips for Hands and Feet

Think you've got the right cues for your hands and your feet? Truth is, they're often overlooked or miscued, so think again. 

Originally published in Muscle & Fitness.

what you can Learn from an Old Gym Rat

Don't scoff at the 50 year old training old school - especially if he's more jacked than you are. 

Originally published in Bodybuilding.com.

How to Do a Shoulder Press

Overhead pressing is underrated, and it's usually because they're hard. First things first - learn to do them right. 

Originally published in eHow.com.