Lee Boyce - The Brutul Truth About Training


Coping with Injury

Here's a few things you need to know to help get you off the sidelines right quick. 

Originally published in MUSCLEMAG.

8 Workout Mistakes you're Probably Making

Training abs at the wrong time, using dumb supersets, and pulling a CrossFit are among the rookie mistakes of an otherwise advanced lifter. Don't be that guy. 

Originally published in T-Nation.

5 Point Checklist for a Strong Back

Take it from someone who's dealt with back weakness - there are measures you need to take now to ensure your long term back health. 

Originally published in Muscle & Fitness.

Master the Medium Sumo Deadlift

A hybrid between the conventional and the full-fledged sumo deadlift, you may want to give the medium sumo a try. 

Originally published in MUSCLEMAG.

Attack Your Weak Points (Part 2)

Part 2 of my weak links series fixes a turtleback, a crappy front squat, and knock knees. 

Originally published in MUSCLEMAG.