Lee Boyce - The Brutul Truth About Training


Cut Your Gut

Cardio can be boring, but here are a few recommendations to target excess stomach fat. 

Originally published in Inside Fitness .

Assault your Triceps with these Lost Moves

Pressdowns and close grip bench just won't cut it. The triceps need to be hit from all angles. Here's how to do it.

Originally published in Muscle & Fitness.

10 Ways to do a Push Up

'Cause the standard push up is just the tip of the iceberg.

Originally published in Men's Journal.

The Beach Body Arms Workout

The summer's here. Time for the annual gun show. Here's how to get tickets. 

Originally published in MEN'S FITNESS.

Conquer Myths about Skinny Legs

When it comes to leg tranining, everyone needs to face their demons. Are you training hard enough? 

Originally published in Muscle & Fitness.

4 Biggest Squatting Myths

You're probably making one of these mistakes, and thinking nothing of it. 

Originally published in Muscle & Fitness.