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Who Are You?

Lee BoyceI am Lee Boyce. I'm a strength coach, professional fitness writer, and an ex-athlete. I mainly work with not-so-slight-at-heart clients for strength, general conditioning, corrective training, sports performance and muscle development. I'm a contributing author for a number of popular fitness magazines including Men's Health, Men's Fitness, TNATION, Muscle & Fitness, Esquire, Men's Journal and Bodybuilding.com. You can read many of my published articles on this website.

While attending university for Kinesiology studies, I ran varsity track and field as a sprinter and long jumper. I competed at the National level.

During the time I was still in school, I received my first training certification, and I felt accomplished. Time passed, and after receiving my second training certification, that feeling of accomplishment went away quickly.

The problem: “trainers” in my city and country are a dime a dozen, so the typical in-class form of instruction alone wouldn’t cut it.

Say you’ve got 20 personal trainers in a given commercial gym.

Now times that by 12 different locations of the same gym.

Now times THAT by, say, 4 other competing gyms and all THEIR locations. You get the picture.

Building a useful base of knowledge came from everything I decided to do that my certs and schooling didn’t. A combination of anecdotal evidence, and neverending external research opened my eyes to the real world of training.

As time passed, along with plenty of reading, research, working with clients and having sit-downs with those I looked up to in this industry, the results were making thesmelves manifest in finally gaining some respect, and eventually getting published, getting featured into dozens of blogs and articles for major magazines like Men's Health, and knabbing spots on TV and radio as a fitness expert. 

Why should I listen to You?

Well, maybe you shouldn’t – that’s up to you. But, if any of your interests include being stronger, getting leaner, looking better naked, adding muscle, being faster, being more explosive, becoming more athletic, or simply improving your training knowledge, you may be interested in what I bring to the table. What's beautiful is that it's actually nothing new.

Any ‘trainer’ can make a novice lifter see novice results. It’s the coveted “next level” training performance and appearance that separates the good coaches from the not-so-good. That doesn't always mean crazily advanced training sessions with highly complex, athletic moves either.  Sometimes it's just about exercising your depth of knowledge - granted you took the time to build it. 

No more biceps curls while standing on the BOSU ball (yeah, this was an actual note-to-self back in the day).

Staying open to learning new things has been greatly beneficial, and I have had the privilege of learning from great strength coaches, sports doctors and therapists in the ’biz. Plus I also get paid to write about it.

There are endless misconceptions in this game, and part of the purpose of this site is to send those wrong ideas to the crypt through the things I’ve learned, and show that training smart and seeing results transcends "fitness trends" that permeate the industry today.  It's nothing other than a science – One that I seem to be getting the hang of.

I'm not a cheerleader, and I'm not the type to "guarantee" results. I'm the type to give you the brutal truth about training, both from an exercise theory perspective, and also the perspective of today's general fitness "culture" (as you'll see most transparently in my blog articles). Your results aren't in your trainer's control, exercise shouldn't be a cakewalk, thigh gap isn't healthy, and there's no healthy way to transform your body in four weeks. I'll never give a shirtless video blog, or a 10-minute workout. 

If you've read this far without closing the page, we're in a good place to start learning. Now, the choice is yours.

- Lee